Thin And Thick Chain With Diamond Circle Hollow Necklace

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Heart-shaped necklace is one of the most common necklace styles in the jewelry market. It is romantic and sweet, and is most loved by ladies. When in love, many men give heart-shaped necklaces as gifts to their favorite girls.

1. The homonym of the necklace is “love”. Sending a necklace to the beloved is to tie the heart of the other party and not be robbed by others. Giving a necklace to the one you like is a silent confession, expressing “want to fall in love with you”. Therefore, giving a necklace to the one you like is basically a customary way of showing love, and the heart-shaped necklace expresses the closeness between the heart and the heart.

2. A heart shape is a romantic shape. Most girls who like a heart shape desire warmth, romance, and enthusiasm in their hearts. The heart-shaped necklace is the best choice for a man to express his sincerity. A heart-shaped pendant is given to her on a special day, which symbolizes life, the only and true love, and will surely touch her heart.

3. The heart-shaped necklace is the most romantic among many necklace styles. It is another way of expressing love for people. Therefore, the heart-shaped necklace has become the most common love token between couples. Especially heart-shaped necklaces made of various precious materials, such as diamond necklaces, incorporate eternal diamonds into the necklace design to witness the only beautiful love in a lifetime.


Product Information:

Style: Europe and America

Material: Alloy

Treatment process: electroplating

Type: Necklace

Style: Unisex

Modeling: geometric

Pendant material: alloy

Color: thick chain, thin chain, gold, silver


Package Content:

1*Heart Necklace



Additional information

Weight 20.00 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

Gold, Silver, Thin chain, Thick chain


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