Classic silver-plated open flower line bracelet

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The decorative effect of copper ornaments is very strong. It not only has metal characteristics, can shape modern style, but also has rich shapes and classical language.

It is an excellent decorative material. In addition, copper ornaments can be combined with iron art.

Copper ornaments enrich the detailed shape of iron art, and iron art can enhance the vividness and three-dimensionality of copper ornaments.



Material: Copper

Style: European and American
Style: Women’s
Style: Through Flower Bracelet
Treatment process: electroplating
Applicable gift-giving occasions: opening ceremony, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, advertising promotions, trade fairs, travel commemoratives, business gifts, European and American hot-selling bracelets
Packaging: Individually packed
Custom processing: Yes
Quality of precious metals: copper
Purity: Silver plated


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Additional information

Weight 37.0 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm



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